Wreaths Across America

Dear Neighbor,

In 1992, Worcester Wreath Company of Harrington, Maine found themselves with an excess of wreaths nearing the end of the holiday season. Remembering a boyhood trip to our Nation’s Capital, owner Morrill Worcester, along with the help of many others, made arrangements for the wreaths to be placed at Arlington National Cemetery to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

From this first act, the non-profit Wreaths Across America, whose mission is to REMEMBER, HONOR and TEACH, was born in 2007 with the hopes of one day every veteran’s resting place will have a wreath placed by it.

In 2014, Wreaths Across America and the national network of volunteers laid over 700,000 memorial wreaths at over 1,000 locations in the United States and beyond. This was accomplished with the help of over 1650 fundraising groups, corporate contributions, donations of trucking and shipping, and thousands of helping hands.

As you probably know, Fayetteville, NC has a large active duty and veteran population. SANDHILLS STATE VETERANS CEMETERY is the final resting place for many.

As of 30 November 2015, there were over 5000 graves at Sandhills State Veterans Cemetery. Rolling Thunder® Inc. Chapter 1 NC has accepted the challenge along with our community to reach the goal of a WREATH ON EVERY GRAVE. On 12 December 2015, Rolling Thunder® Inc. Chapter 1 NC with our community, laid 2,457 wreaths on graves at Sandhills State Veterans Cemetery. Please help us get closer to covering all of the graves.


On 17 December 2016, Wreaths Across America ceremonies will start simultaneously at noon at hundreds of locations in all 50 states and beyond to honor our Nation’s fallen; REMEMBERING those who have gone on, HONORING those who serve and TEACHING our children about the sacrifices made by veterans and their families. This includes a public ceremony here at our own Sandhills State Veterans Cemetery.

WE CAN’T DO THIS ALONE and that is where you come in. We are asking you to partner with us to help meet this important goal. Here’s how you can help. You can write a check for a specific sponsorship (outlined on attached form) or you can make a donation in any amount that will be pooled with other funds raised to secure as many wreaths as possible.

Rolling Thunder® Inc. Chapter 1 NC, along with several other organizations will be holding various fundraising efforts throughout the year to make sure that EVERY veteran’s grave is recognized this December. Can we count on you?

Please feel free to contact Angi Hardy at 910-322-6478, Jim Hollister at 910-273-3367 or Barbra Corbett at 919-622-8657 if you have any questions about Wreaths Across America, the ceremony or filling out the forms. We encourage the community to participate by attending and helping us honor those who played a part in preserving the freedoms that we enjoy every day. It is important that we do not forget these fine Americans.


Rolling Thunder® Inc. Chapter 1NC
Fayetteville, NC