Operation Iraqi Freedom

 Mr. Kirk Von Ackermann, DOD Contractor, was lost on October 9, 2003 while working at Forward Operating Base Pacesetter.

 Mr. Timothy E Bell, DOD Contractor, was lost on April 9, 2004 while working in Baghdad.

Mr. Adnan al-Hilawi, DOD Contractor, was lost March 3, 2007 while working in Baghdad.


 Operation Desert Storm

Lt. Cmdr. Barry T. Cooke, US Navy, was lost on February 2, 1991 when his A-6 aircraft went down in the Persian Gulf.

 Lt. Robert J. Dwyer, US Navy, was lost on February 5, 1991 when his FA-18 aircraft went down in the Persian Gulf.


Operation El Dorado Canyon

Captain Paul F. Lorence, US Air Force, was lost on April 15, 1986 when his F-111 aircraft was downed during a strike over Libya.


The following information comes from the Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office...


The U.S. government continues to account for Americans missing in Southeast Asia from the Vietnam War. Since late 1973, the remains of over 700 Americans killed in that war have been returned and identified. Many have been buried with full military honors in accordance with the wishes of surviving family members. Efforts continue to recover nearly 1,800 Americans who remain unaccounted-for from the conflict.

Killed in Action, Body not Recovered 854
Died in Captivity, Remains not Returned 34
Missing (Civilians Only) 8
Prisoner (Civilians Only) 8
Presumptive Finding of Death 750
Total 1654

North Carolina's missing from the Vietnam War...

Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office
U.S. Unaccounted-For from the Vietnam War - Prisoners of War, Missing in Action and Killed in Action/Body Not Recovered
Name Loss
Status Date of
Home of
USMC Avery, Robert D O2 XX 1968/05/03 Morganton, NC
USN Belknap, Harry J O1 BB 1966/06/23 Jonas Ridge, NC
USAF Borden, Murray L O2 XX 1966/10/13 Goldsboro, NC
USN Brice, Eric Parker O3 BB 1968/06/04 Rocky Mount, NC
USN Brown, Edward D Jr O2 BB 1965/07/29 Charlotte, NC
USN Canup, Franklin H Jr E5 BB 1967/01/14 Concord, NC
USAF Clarke, Fred L E6 XX 1968/12/13 Troutman, NC
USAF Cook, Glenn R O2 XX 1969/10/21 Charlotte, NC
USA Craven, Andrew J E3 XX 1968/05/12 Wilmington, NC
USAF Crews, John H III O2 XX 1968/05/22 Asheville, NC
USA Cristman, Frederick L W1 XX 1971/03/19 Salisbury, NC
USA Curlee, Robert L Jr E6 BB 1965/06/10 Monroe, NC
USAF Davis, Edgar F O3 XX 1968/09/17 Goldsboro, NC
USAF Gatwood, Robin F Jr O2 XX 1972/04/02 Hickory, NC
USN Gore, Paul E E6 BB 1969/10/02 Faison, NC
USAF Gravitte, Connie M O3 BB 1966/06/17 Cavel, NC
USAF Hall, Frederick M O2 XX 1969/04/12 Waynesville, NC
USMC Hargrove, Joseph N E3 XX 1975/05/15 Mt Olive, NC
USA Harris, Harold L E3 BB 1966/10/22 Durham, NC
USA Howard, Luther H E4 BB 1967/06/30 Hamlet, NC
USAF Howell, Carter A O2 XX 1972/03/07 Fayetteville, NC
USN Huie, Litchfield P O3 BB 1967/02/27 Warsaw, NC
USA Jamerson, Larry C E4 XX 1968/04/21 Rosman, NC
USA Johnson, William D E3 XX 1968/01/19 Rocky Mount, NC
USA Lewis, Charlie G E7 BB 1967/05/17 Fayetteville, NC
USN Lewis, Larry G O2 BB 1971/02/27 Asheville, NC
USA Luttrell, James M E6 XX 1971/05/10 Fayetteville, NC
USAF McDaniel, John L O4 BB 1968/04/26 Gibsonville, NC
USA Moore, Jerry L E3 XX 1969/02/16 Cleveland, NC
USAF Morgan, Edwin E E5 XX 1966/03/13 Salisbury, NC
USA Morrow, Larry K E4 XX 1972/05/29 Lowell, NC
USA Omelia, Dennis W W1 XX 1971/01/03 Smithfield, NC
USAF Palmgren, Edwin D O5 XX 1968/04/22 Winston-Salem, NC
USA Price, Bunyan D E4 XX 1970/05/02 Belmont, NC
USA Staton, Robert M Jr E4 BB 1967/11/11 Jamesville, NC
USAF Sutton, William C E7 BB 1970/01/28 Goldsboro, NC
USA Watson, Jimmy L W2 XX 1968/03/13 Lucama, NC
USA Weaks, Melvin, L E3 BB 1971/08/18 Concord, NC
USAF Wellons, Phillip R O4 BB 1970/08/17 Raleigh, NC
USMC Wilson, Wayne V E3 XX 1967/07/02 Thomasville, NC
USN Wood, Walter S O4 BB 1966/05/02 Ft Bragg, NC

Status codes:
BB - Killed in Action, Body Not Recovered
XX - Presumptive Finding of Death


Cold War

From the closing days of World War II until the fall of the Berlin Wall, our nation led the struggle to save the free and democratic countries of the world from communist aggression. In addition to the thousands of service members who fought communist forces during "hot" wars such as Korea and Vietnam, many risked -- and some lost -- their lives while collecting vital intelligence on military forces of the Soviet Bloc, the People's Republic of China, and North Korea during "peacetime." The sacrifice made by these Cold War Warriors enabled the United States and our allies to contain the threat of communist expansion until the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Aircrew Returned or Recovered Alive Remains Recovered Missing
Air Force 81 3 21 57
Navy 79 7 6 66
Marine Corps 1 0 0 1
Civilians 4 2 1 1
Totals 165 12 28 125

Korean War

The Korean War accounting effort remains a high priority for the U.S. Government.  DPMO aggressively pursues any opportunity to gain access to actual loss sites within North Korea.  Joint Field Activities (JFAs) conducted between 1996 and 2005 yielded over 220 sets of remains that are currently being processed for identification.

The DPMO lists 7,930 personnel as missing from the Korean War.

North Carolina's missing from the Korean War...

Name Loss
Status Date of
Home of Record*
(may be listed by county or town)
USA Amos, Charles G E4 MIA 1951/10/12 Cherokee, NC
USA Avent, David E4 MIA 1951/10/11 Nash, NC
USA Baker, Baxter L Jr O4 POW 1951/05/19 Mecklenburg, NC
USA Baker, Eddie C E3 MIA 1950/12/06 Washington, NC
USMC Barrett, Frank R E4 MIA 1952/12/27 Forest City, NC
USA Bell, William G E3 MIA 1951/02/12 Forsyth, NC
USA Blount, John C E3 MIA 1950/11/27 Washington, NC
USA Boyd, Joseph E E2 MIA 1951/01/25 NC
USA Boykin, Freeman E E3 MIA 1952/05/14 Duplin, NC
USA Branton, J. W. E7 POW 1950/12/01 Iredell, NC
USA Brendle, Furman T E5 KIA 1950/11/29 Macon, NC
USA Bridges, Lolan O E5 MIA 1950/12/02 Rutherford, NC
USA Bright, Carlton, R E4 MIA 1950/12/02 Pasquotank, NC
USA Brintle, Charles E E3 KIA 1952/01/12 Surry, NC
USAF Britton, Peter J O2 MIA 1952/10/29 Winston-Salem, NC
USA Brooks, John H E4 MIA 1950/12/12 Bertie, NC
USA Brower, George T E7 MIA 1950/07/29 Anson, NC
USN Brown, Gerald R O1 KIA 1952/06/02 NC
USA Brown, William L Jr E5 POW 1951/02/13 Burke, NC
USA Bryant, Robert E7 POW 1950/11/28 Cumberland, NC
USA Bulluck, Mark B E3 MIA 1952/10/24 Edgecombe, NC
USA Bunting, Worth L E5 POW 1950/07/11 Alamance, NC
USA Bynum, Jackie B E3 KIA 1950/12/19 Wilkes, NC
USA Carr, Bejamin F E8 POW 1950/11/26 Pamlico, NC
USA Carrouth, Ralph N E4 POW 1950/07/29 Cabarrus, NC
USA Casper, Charles D E4 POW 1950/07/12 Gates, NC
USN Cauthen, Brenice E4 KIA 1950/10/12 Monroe, NC
USA Chapman, Charles W E3 MIA 1952/10/06 Burke, NC
USA Chapman, William M E8 MIA 1950/12/03 Marion, NC
USA Chappell, Everett F E4 MIA 1951/02/13 Montgomery, NC
USA Clark, Clinton E4 MIA 1950/11/29 Edgecombe, NC
USA Clendenin, Robert N E2 KIA 1950/12/15 Iredell, NC
USA Clevenger, Leon E E4 MIA 1950/07/11 Durham, NC
USA Clinkscale, Harold E3 POW 1951/02/12 Mecklenburg, NC
USA Colley, Eugene J E7 MIA 1950/12/02 New Hanover, NC
USA Cook, McKinley C E5 MIA 1950/12/01 Buncombe, NC
USA Corbin, James W E4 POW 1951/02/12 Wake, NC
USA Council, William E E7 POW 1950/07/14 Chatham, NC
USA Crawford, Ellis Jr E5 MIA 1950/09/04 Gilford, NC
USA Crouse, William F Jr E5 MIA 1951/02/12 Forsyth, NC
USMC Crutchfield, James H O4 KIA 1951/11/04 Asheboro, NC
USA Cunningham, William S E4 MIA 1950/12/01 Lenoir, NC
USA Davis, Morton C E3 MIA 1950/12/01 Nash, NC
USAF Dawson, Perry A O3 POW 1951/09/02 Raleigh, NC
USA Day, Warren C E4 MIA 1950/12/12 Carteret, NC
USA Dickerson, Dallas W E3 POW 1951/02/13 Pitt, NC
USA Dockery, Earl E4 MIA 1950/12/03 Guilford, NC
USA Drennen, Hugh J E8 POW 1950/11/30 Durham, NC
USA Dulin, Daniel E4 KIA 1950/10/21 Cabarrus, NC
USA Duncan, Earl W E4 MIA 1950/12/02 Gaston, NC
USA Edwards, Willie J E3 MIA 1952/06/15 Pitt, NC
USA England, Horace S E7 POW 1950/11/28 Catawba, NC
USA Eubanks, Guy T Jr E7 MIA 1950/09/05 New Hanover, NC
USA Eubanks, Randolph E3 MIA 1950/11/19 Carteret, NC
USA Evans, Wallis J E4 MIA 1950/12/06 Gaston, NC
USA Fisher, Alva R E3 KIA 1952/07/10 Cumberland, NC
USA Flack, Cameron E5 MIA 1950/12/12 Rutherford, NC
USA Forsyth, Carl L Jr E4 MIA 1950/11/30 Iredell, NC
USN Freeman, Bobby E E2 MIA 1950/09/26 Biltmore, NC
USA Gilliam, Volney H E5 POW 1951/02/13 Rockingham, NC
USMC Gooden, David T O3 KIA 1952/02/07 Elizabethtown, NC
USA Green, William S Jr E7 KIA 1952/01/12 McDowell, NC
USA Grist, James R O2 KIA 1950/11/30 Beaufort, NC
USAF Guthrie, Edward S Jr O2 MIA 1952/11/14 Asheville, NC
USA Hall. Arthur J E8 POW 1950/11/30 Robeson, NC
USA Hardy, David E E5 POW 1950/12/01 Rockingham, NC
USA Harper, Alton E E8 POW 1950/11/27 Edgecombe, NC
USA Harvey, Roscoe, L E5 POW 1950/12/01 New Hanover, NC
USA Hayes, Robert F O3 KIA 1950/11/28 Wake, NC
USA Hedgepeth, Dollie E4 POW 1950/12/01 Wake, NC
USA Heritage, Willard F E7 KIA 1950/11/28 Alamance, NC
USA Herring, John O E8 MIA 1950/12/01 Sampson, NC
USA Hill, Clarence H E4 MIA 1951/11/26 Wake, NC
USA Holman, Albert C Jr E4 POW 1950/07/20 Iredell, NC
USA Hubbard, William Jr E3 POW 1950/11/26 Gastonia, NC
USA Hunt, Carl V E4 MIA 1950/11/30 Davidson, NC
USA Hunt, Gwyn R E3 POW 1950/12/01 Wilkes, NC
USAF Hyatt, Don O3 MIA 1950/09/09 Asheville, NC
USAF Ingold, William R E4 MIA 1951/08/26 Stem, NC
USA Ivey, Charles E E4 KIA 1950/11/29 Henderson, NC
USA Jernigan, Carl O E5 POW 1950/11/30 Cumberland, NC
USA Johnson, John B E3 POW 1950/12/15 Wilson, NC
USA Jones, David R E3 KIA 1950/11/28 Granville, NC
USA Jones, William H E3 MIA 1950/11/26 Nash, NC
USA Joyce, David A E3 POW 1950/11/26 Rockingham, NC
USA Kearney, Harry L E3 POW 1950/12/01 Wake, NC
USA Kearns. Carl L E3 KIA 1950/09/02 Randolph, NC
USA Kenan, Claude J E3 POW 1950/11/27 Johnston, NC
USA King, Leroy F E5 MIA 1951/10/12 Durham, NC
USA Kittrell, James L E3 POW 1950/11/28 Guilford, NC
USAF Knott, Gerald W O1 KIA 1953/07/20 Oxford, NC
USA Lane, Clarence E E3 KIA 1950/11/30 Columbus, NC
USA Lawson, Fred A E5 MIA 1950/11/02 Rockingham, NC
USA Lee, Jack E5 MIA 1951/09/06 Guilford, NC
USA Lefler, Harry E E4 MIA 1950/11/26 Randolph, NC
USA Lentz, Gerald L E4 KIA 1952/07/03 Cabarrus, NC
USA Littleton, I Lindley E5 MIA 1950/09/01 Wayne, NC
USA Lutterloh, Samuel A O2 MIA 1952/09/02 Cumberland, NC
USA Mann, James E E3 MIA 1950/11/30 Nash, NC
USA Marion, Christopher C E7 POW 1950/11/30 Surry, NC
USA Marley, Fred J E3 KIA 1952/10/25 Caldwell, NC
USA Marshall, Merlin E E3 MIA 1953/04/18 Surry, NC
USA Martin, Floyd W Jr E8 KIA 1950/11/24 Yadkin, NC
USA Mattocks, Herbert H E3 KIA 1952/08/14 Jones, NC
USA McCleain, Leroy E3 MIA 1952/08/29 Durham, NC
USA McCotter, James A E4 MIA 1952/07/17 Pitt, NC
USA McDonald, Roger G E3 KIA 1950/11/30 New Hanover, NC
USA McDuffie, Clem D E3 KIA 1950/11/30 Richmond, NC
USA McKinnon, Vanderberg E4 MIA 1952/09/19 Hoke, NC
USA McLean, Artis E2 KIA 1950/12/22 Cumberland, NC
USA McLellan, John W E7 POW 1950/11/28 Robeson, NC
USA McNeill, Curtis E3 POW 1950/11/11 Cumberland, NC
USA Menser, Cloyd L E3 KIA 1950/09/21 Iredell, NC
USA Miller, Bobby E3 POW 1951/04/25 Haywood, NC
USA Miller, Darden D E4 MIA 1950/07/27 Bertie, NC
USA Miller, Joseph E E4 POW 1951/02/12 Cabarrus, NC
USA Mills, Ezekiel C E5 POW 1950/11/30 Pitt, NC
USA Moore, Benny A E3 MIA 1952/06/12 Caswell, NC
USA Morgan, Melvin H E4 POW 1950/07/11 Stanly, NC
USA Morton, Raeford L E4 MIA 1953/07/14 Stanly, NC
USA Moser, Robert H E4 MIA 1950/07/20 Union, NC
USN Mounce, Rufus L E5 KIA 1952/12/26 Summerfield, NC
USA Mumford, Erwin R E4 MIA 1951/10/24 Craven, NC
USMC Murphy, Joseph E E2 MIA 1950/12/02 Wilmington, NC
USA Norman, Clyde L E4 MIA 1953/07/09 Washington, NC
USAF Nye, Glenn C O6 MIA 1952/10/07 Shelby, NC
USAF O'Briant, Eric F O2 KIA 1951/07/30 Durham, NC
USA Otwell, Bryon M Jr E5 MIA 1950/11/29 Randolph, NC
USA Owens, Lawrence J E4 MIA 1950/07/27 Rockingham, NC
USA Page, Roosevelt E4 MIA 1950/11/29 Robeson, NC
USAF Parham, Charles E Jr E4 MIA 1951/11/25 Oxford, NC
USA Parker, Gary N E4 POW 1950/11/29 Cabarrus, NC
USA Parker, Harry J E2 KIA 1950/12/08 Wake, NC
USAF Pate, William H E3 NBD 1952/11/15 NC
USA Patterson, Clarence E E3 MIA 1953/07/06 Caldwell, NC
USMC Peacock, Billy E E2 MIA 1952/10/07 Winston-Salem, NC
USA Penland, Troy E4 KIA 1950/11/29 Buncombe, NC
USA Phillips, Billy A E3 MIA 1950/09/06 Johnston, NC
USA Pitman, Arnold E5 MIA 1950/12/12 McDowell, NC
USA Poindexter, Rufus C Jr E5 MIA 1950/11/19 Moore, NC
USAF Pope, James D E3 MIA 1953/01/29 Cherryville, NC
USA Powell, Rex W E4 MIA 1950/12/12 Burke, NC
USA Price, Forrest L E8 MIA 1953/03/10 Wayne, NC
USMC Prince, Ernest R E4 KIA 1953/07/19 High Point, NC
USA Rackley, Earnest E E5 MIA 1950/11/30 Columbus, NC
USN Randolph, Philip S Jr O1 KIA 1951/06/05 Chapel Hill, NC
USA Reed, Robert D E4 POW 1950/11/30 Buncombe, NC
USA Reese, Kenneth F E4 MIA 1950/11/30 Gaston, NC
USA Register, Alton R E4 MIA 1950/12/02 New Hanover, NC
USA Reynolds, Winfred L E2 KIA 1951/04/26 Guilford, NC
USA Richardson, Amos E E4 MIA 1950/11/26 Mecklenburg, NC
USA Richardson, Jack E5 MIA 1952/11/07 Cabarrus, NC
USA Rickman, Vincent R E8 POW 1950/11/28 Durham, NC
USA Rights, George L E3 POW 1951/02/13 Forsyth, NC
USA Robinson, James W E4 MIA 1950/12/01 Forsyth, NC
USA Rochelle, James C E4 KIA 1950/11/26 Onslow, NC
USA Rose, Gilbert G Jr E4 POW 1951/02/12 Hertford, NC
USA Rose, Herman E3 MIA 1950/12/03 Burke, NC
USA Royal, Leff V E7 MIA 1950/11/29 Alleghany, NC
USA Royal, Marvin E5 MIA 1951/09/07 Sampson, NC
USA Schuler, Eugene E8 MIA 1950/11/25 Guilford, NC
USA Seagle, Altie F E4 MIA 1950/11/28 Jackson, NC
USA Sell, Larry E E7 POW 1950/12/01 Whitnel, NC
USA Shepard, Harold R E2 POW 1950/07/27 New Hanover, NC
USMC Shipman, Frederick J E3 KIA 1953/07/19 Clarkton, NC
USA Silvers, J.S. E3 MIA 1953/07/06 Yancey, NC
USA Singleton, William E E3 KIA 1951/07/26 Burke, NC
USA Sluder, David P E8 MIA 1950/07/14 Avery, NC
USA Smith, John D E8 POW 1950/07/20 Gaston, NC
USA Stallings, Vernon D E2 POW 1950/07/12 Cleveland, NC
USAF Stanley, Otha P E5 KIA 1950/09/08 Chapel Hill, NC
USA Stover, Ralph E3 NBD 1953/05/05 Lincolntown, NC
USA Strickland, Woolard F E8 MIA 1950/11/26 Martin, NC
USA Teague, James W E5 POW 1950/11/28 Rockingham, NC
USA Thompson, Fletcher R E4 MIA 1950/08/15 Edgecombe, NC
USA Tripp, Ray E3 KIA 1951/12/29 Pitt, NC
USA Trivett, Clarence W E4 MIA 1950/11/02 Avery, NC
USA Trueheart, Paul H V E5 KIA 1951/08/28 Iredell, NC
USA Tucker, Junior R E5 MIA 1950/09/22 Gaston, NC
USA Twiddy, Benjamin F III E4 KIA 1950/11/29 Chowan, NC
USA Uptegrove, John W E3 MIA 1951/04/23 Duplin, NC
USA Wagoner, James C E4 POW 1950/07/20 Rowan, NC
USA Walker, Leo E3 MIA 1950/11/30 Durham, NC
USA Watts, Roy H Jr E3 MIA 1952/10/25 Mecklenburg, NC
USA Weathers, Logan O2 KIA 1950/08/02 Cleveland, NC
USA Westmoreland, Roy R E5 MIA 1950/11/27 Forsyth, NC
USA Whetstine, Ralph J E3 MIA 1950/12/02 Cleveland, NC
USA White, Billy Ray E3 POW 1951/02/13 Guilford, NC
USA White, Noel E E2 NBD 1950/09/27 Old Fort, NC
USA Williamson, James H E8 KIA 1950/11/28 Franklin, NC
USA Wilson, Hallie W Jr E4 POW 1952/10/26 Pender, NC
USA Wilson, Linwood F E3 MIA 1950/11/02 Person, NC
USA Worley, Frank E3 POW 1951/02/12 New Hanover, NC
USA Wright, C. W. Jr E4 MIA 1951/06/02 Craven, NC
USA Yelton, Thomas W E2 KIA 1951/08/27 Rutherford, NC

...total count: 195


World War II

World War II ended on August 15, 1945.  Nearly 406,000 of the 16 million Americans who served in the war died.  At the end of the war, the USG was unable to recover, identify, and bury approximately 79,000 as known persons.  They include those buried with honor as unknowns, those lost at sea, and those missing in action.  That number also includes the 1,100 sailors entombed in the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor.  Today, more than 78,000 Americans remain unaccounted-for from WW II.